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Samsung Electronics inspires the world and shapes the future with transformative ideas and technologies that give people the power to discover new experiences. With a constant focus on innovation and discovery, the Korean firm keeps redefining the world of Air-Conditioning with our commitment to improving the global community and delivering groundbreaking innovations that enhance people’s everyday lives. Samsung focus on providing smart solutions for better business and a higher quality of life and imagine all sorts of innovative ways to improve how homes and businesses function and to help them run smoothly. Also developing local capabilities by sharing best installation & service practices to enable them provide reliable Air-Conditioning solutions, along with durable products. Samsung system air conditioners are held in high esteem around the world and have been selected for a multitude of applications, including shopping centers, airports, stadiums and hotels. And in constant pursuit of excellence, Samsung continues to invest heavily in research and development, performance testing and quality control to deliver superior air conditioning systems to market.