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Authorized Maintenance and Operations Co.


  • Message From Founder:

    wiFEX was established to be a specialized company in the field of Operations and Maintenance, based in the heart of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the place of its first launch. It seeks, through its vision, to be the leading company in its field in the Gulf and the Middle East, and led by our values (Commitment and Quality, Collaboration and Ambition, Agility, and Customer Care). We aim through our strategy to achieve the best consumer experience by planning to win in building the competencies of our team of technicians and customer service representatives and providing enablers and value-based priced spare parts. Fueling the future of our organization by creating efficient operating structure through achieving operational excellence, attracting talents, and fostering teamwork. We continuously develop our business through digital transformation, redesign of the service network, and developing its infrastructure. We aim at wiFEX to build sustainable relationships with our customers and business partners, and expand in future in global markets.


  • About Us:

    Year 2020, was the beginning of the Authorized Maintenance and Operations Company "wiFEX". It was an idea that was presented on the meeting table of Hamad Abdullah Al-Essa & Sons Company, a leading manufacturer of household appliances, refrigeration and air conditioning which was founded in 1935. That idea was to establish a company specialized in the field of operations and maintenance, starting from the heart of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as the place of our first launch, and seeking through our vision to change the traditional maintenance concept and create a leading Saudi brand in the field of operation and maintenance of home and commercial appliances in the Kingdom, and we aspire in the future to expand in the Gulf and the Middle East


  • Our Objectives:
    • A-Contributing in driving change to keep pace with Vision 2030 through an integrated set of services that meet customer needs.
    • B-Striving to own the largest share in the field of maintenance and operation in the Saudi market.
    • C-Building sustainable relationships with our customers and business partners.
    • D-Achieving excellence in our services and expanding in global markets.


  • Why wiFEX:
    • A-Receiving customer inquiries and providing troubleshooting and support through a unified call center.
    • B-Readiness to serve our customers through professional and specialized teams.
    • C-Meeting the needs of our customers all over the Kingdom through a network of direct service centers.
    • D-Achieving the best customer experience by following the highest performance standards.Providing variety of services and offers to our customers.
    • E-Enabling easy and flexible appointment booking for our customers through the call center or the company's website.


  • Our Value:

There are four fundamentals that lead our ambition towards excellence, as they reflect the true values of the authorized maintenance and operations company "wiFEX" and its team.


  • A-Commitment and Quality: We are aware of the importance of building trust to achieve our vision and we are committed in all our services to comply with the highest quality standards
  • B-Collaboration and Ambition: We create a work environment that encourages continuous learning to enhance different skills and create new ideas that contribute to the development of maintenance and operations field
  • C-Agility: We understand the need to adapt and analyze the different needs of our customers to make quick and effective decisions to keep pace with changing customer requirements.
  • D-Customer Care: We are keen to delight and maintain our existing customer and attract new ones by understanding their feedback and working to improve the service provided


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  • Frigidaire
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