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Alessa Factory Develops Alternative Refrigerant


ARAC is working with UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization) for the development of an alternative refrigerant R290 to replace R410A refrigerant in small air conditioner products, typically for Saudi T3 condition to show that R290 refrigerant is better. On behalf of UNIDO, Italian refrigeration and air conditioning equipment manufacturer named Galileo will facilitate necessary equipment to Alessa Industries for the development of alternate refrigerant. As a part of this project, independent Advisor of UNIDO, Mr. Igor C. Croiset, as well as Galileo representatives Mr. Marzio Leonessi and Mr. Luca Pancani, visited ARAC and met Director General Eng. Hesham Syed. Financially UNIDO is sponsoring all the development expenses to Alessa where the project is in progress.

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