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Crafft Launches New High Ambient Air Conditioner Series


Alessa is presenting the new Crafft VRF Hi-Tech E+ & H series which is the latest larger capacity high ambient full DC Inverter-driven multi-split central air conditioning product. VRF stands for Variable Refrigerant Flow and is also known as Variable Refrigerant Volume. It is an advanced method of air conditioning. High technology and intelligent control system of Crafft VRF units ensures outstanding performance. The Crafft comes up with comprehensive product lineup and its modular combination design gives greater flexibility, higher space efficiency & power saving. The flow of Crafft VRF refrigerant can be varied according to the cooling and heating needs. The room temperature can be kept in a special range, which improves the comfort level of the indoor environment. This type of system consists of a number of indoor units. One outdoor unit can connect to one or more indoor units. The overall refrigerant flow depends on the number of indoor units working. The intelligent control system of Crafft VRF enables switching between the heating and cooling modes. The various indoor unit types offer better flexibility in order to meet different customer requirements and comfort. The VRF Series (60Hz) comes with ecofriendly R410A refrigerant with zero ozone depletion potential. Some of the features of this series are available in T1 & T3 condition with nominal cooling capacity up to 80HP. The high-efficiency full DC Inverter Scroll compressors provide excellent performance & long piping connection with total pipe length up to 1000 meter.

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