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Our aspect is to be the industrial and technical reference in the Middle East Region in the field of refrigeration and air conditioning industry and to occupy the leading position in the targeted markets with high-quality Saudi products which satisfy the consumer needs in all those markets.
We hope to polarize many of the Saudi talents, in line with the wise government objectives, which had always encouraged the national industry and provided the proper investment climate.

And in pursuit of this goal, we have begun our strategic planning which is a wide-ranging and started the mechanism for the implementation of the adopted three major themes:

Increasing , expanding and variation in the investment basis:
Through the expansion in manufacturing and launch new industries, such as the air handling units in collaboration with Hunt Air USA to produce the high qualified range of air conditioners. This is due to the continuous increase of government projects, the private sector as well as the increase in population. This new Air handling innovative units which are unique and high-efficient is an addition to our industrial system and to our series of air conditioning products.

Upgrading of products in light of global trends:
We have begun the development of our products of conditioners, which serves the global trends in terms of energy consumption and environmental aspects and customer service as follows:
  • Further development of environment friendly and High Energy Efficient products for air conditioners as well as Refrigerators and Freezers to improve the quality of the product which complies with the local and international standards that are changing continuously.
  • Replacement the Freon gases (refrigerant) which are badly affecting the environment with environment friendly gases.
  • Add new series products to serve new market segments, especially the commercial as well as the high capacity products such as air handling products.
Upgrading the industrial processes:
  • The added value strengthening of the industrial operations and introducing the lean manu-facturing modern systems, continuous improvement processes, which reduces materials losses in the industrial processes.
  • Continuous training for staff on the latest production systems as we believe in its im-portance in increasing the performance level.
  • The introduction of simulation industrial programs and modern industrial production pro-cesses which is operating with the highest technical systems in the world.

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