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Some of the achievements of Alessa for Refrigeration and Air conditioning in recent times:

Split AC Assembly line, new machinery:
As a continuous effort to increase production and further enhancements of the product to meet the local and global markets needs of air conditioning we have successfully installed the new assembly production line of split AC ‘s as well as the machinery necessary with significant investments . This line works with the latest production techniques in order to increase our annual production of Split Air-Cond form existing rate of 170, 000 (Units of Indoor and Outdoor) currently producing to around 400,000 (Units of Indoor and Outdoor) can be produced per year, to achieve a total rate of around 1,000,000 units per year, which is the largest production capacity in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

Helium Detection system of Freon Gas leakage:
The Helium Detection system of Freon gas leakage was established in air conditioners products to ensure product quality and enhancements of our quality control systems.

Expansion of our Plastic Factory:
In line with our plan to increase and upgrade our productivity, we have expanded the plastic factory, through the addition of injection machines and new moulds to increase the rate of production of plastic items which are necessary for our products range, and that we were manufacturing previously at some suppliers end , in order to achieve the self-sufficiency in our factories.

Modernization and development of laboratory of R & D Center:
We had established new laboratories with testing capacities 3 Tons and 5 Tons, to provide the lat-est and most reliable testing systems of our products to ensure performance and quality.

The new generation of High Energy Efficient Products:
In line with the plan of the Kingdom to rationalize the consumption of electricity and compliance of the products to the Standards and regulations set by SASO, we have developed the new genera-tion of HEER Air-Conditioners.

This was one of our top priorities and interests of Alessa Industries since long time to manufacture the high- energy efficient Products and had begun manufacturing and marketing this type of air conditioners.

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